How Are You Finding Good Wallpapers in iOS 10?

Last updated: July 16, 2016 at 18:18 pm


My mom doesn’t know how to use Safari or Chrome browsers on iPhone. She can learn though…

But then, she is too busy playing games and using other iOS apps.

And that’s a good reason for me to write this post. Because, you see, a lot of people like to use apps instead of web browsers or Google.

Years ago, to look up something, the only answer was Google. And now? We have dedicated apps for finding nearby restaurants, tourist spots, reading news, and so on.

You Can Google Wallpapers For iOS Devices

It’s true – Google works just fine. You can type anything, sort the result by images, and you will get thousands of photos that you can save and use as your wallpaper.

Heck, you can also switch back to the default iOS 10 wallpaper.

For me, Google was working just fine. The issue, however, is the quality of the images. Some wallpapers are big, some small, and some have a higher / lower resolution.

Using Google’s advanced operators, we can fix these issues…

But we will still hundreds of unorganized images. With no categories. That is where iOS apps are useful.

Finding Wallpapers Using iOS Apps

You see, there are two free apps I like and use. These apps offer high-quality wallpapers only for iPhones / iPads.

We can download the wallpaper based on the device we are using. So if you have an iPhone 6, you can download the image with the iPhone 6’s resolution (which is 1334×750).

With that said, here are the apps:

App #1: Wlppr: This is purely for earth-lovers. If you like wallpapers of mountain, desert, snow, ocean, and other satellite-capurtable images, WLPPR is what you need.

On the website, you can see a collection of original high-quality wallpapers before downloading the app on your device.

App #2 Papers: This app has been around for a while. They hand-pick wallpapers regularly (every hour) so you can a wide range of quality pics for no cost. You can easily download them on your devices.

There are ads though. And to remove them, you have to invest $3.99. If you are a hardcore wallpaper lover, you will find Papers interesting.

Again, you can also access these wallpapers through the Papers website. Good website with a nice collection of HD wallpapers.

Over To You!

The land of iOS is ever-expanding. There are way too many wallpaper apps – some are aggregator, while some original.

Let me know your favorite iOS app to find wallpapers. I would love to download them as well.

PS: I also uninstall wallpaper apps very frequently. Is it just me?

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