There’s No FaceTime Group Calling in iOS 10

Last updated: July 16, 2016 at 18:31 pm

There’s an ongoing rumor on Twitter that you can now have a group video call via FaceTime. See for yourself:


Yes, it would be a delight if the news were true. If FaceTime supported group calling in iOS 10, we can quickly have video calls with your friends and family members.

We can quickly start a conference all and enjoy our time.

But the truth is different.

Even after upgrading iPhones / iPads from iOS 9 to iOS 10, we notice no changes in FaceTime.

All the features are just the same. And there is no group FaceTime calling option. (Bitter truth, yes.)

For years, we have been waiting for such a feature because group video calling is fun. For now, we have to wait.

Or use Google Hangouts. Or Skype (which is currently crashing on iOS 10. What a bummer!)

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